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Yin-Yang-Myuria Plus! :icon0zymandlas:0ZYMANDlAS 2 0
Yin-Yang-Myuria! by 0ZYMANDlAS
Mature content
Yin-Yang-Myuria! :icon0zymandlas:0ZYMANDlAS 5 0
DJ Speaker Left by FDNT:icondj-0zymandias: DJ Speaker Right by FDNT
Gallery May Contain Stamp by In-The-Zone Stamp is Too Funny to Load by ptsluvsnfl Highly Opinionated Stamp by In-The-Zone
No Nudity by LumiResources

:iconnaviplz: < Hey, Listen! Lookit what DJ 0zymandias did recently!…

Grenouism by TheArtFrog


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I'm not really looking for anything in particular, so donate if you'd like, but it's not of utmost importance. :meow:

But, if you want to make me happy, donate some rupees to me...


DJ Speaker Left by FDNT:icondj-0zymandias: DJ Speaker Right by FDNT

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☣ DJ 0zymandias ☣ (Devon █████)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom…………
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I am DJ 0zymandias. I'm a DJ/Producer who mainly does Trance music, Hardstyle, and Hardcore, though other genres will also be done occasionally. HOWEVER I will NEVER EVER do any form of house music on request (except maybe hard house), so don't ask for any house music from me. I will only do it on MY terms. Dickriders will be blocked. You have been warned.

I am more than just an artist. I am known here as 0ZYMANDlAS. I also have musical interest and do play an instrument. If you must know, I play the Organ (well, any keyboard instrument, really, though I prefer the Organ). I also work with electronic music.
Oh, and remember that text you shouldn't have sent last night? These guys do:

*Indicates sarcasm.

Art Trades:

Not yet open

Friends ONLY
  • Listening to: OZMASAGA Music
  • Reading: RGSS3 Documentation
  • Watching: out for glitches
  • Playing: 0ZMASAGA Alpha build
  • Eating: Seeds
  • Drinking: idk the bottle says poison


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